about us

about us

Workflow Orchestration Expertise
For over 20 years

System Partners was founded in 1998 as an IT consulting company in the field of IT enterprise and service management. Over the years, the focus has steadily increased in the direction of enterprise automation using job scheduling, event management and message queuing systems. With evolving technology it has become feasible to cover ever broader infrastructure and software aspects with the topic of automation. A little later, the service-oriented approach that we had advocated for a long time, was increasingly applied due to digitization. Today we implement automation and digitization requirements in practice for more than 100 well-known customers.


System Partners tries to offer our customers the best possible service with the product that is most suitable for your needs. With our professional approach we use our proven methods to an appropriate and pragmatic extent. In order to be able to guarantee this, we want to act as independently as possible from the manufacturers of the software products.
System Partners attaches particular importance to broad and deep specialist and methodological knowledge. This is by no means limited to implementing individual software products. Your special customer requirements are considered in an overall context and conceptually transferred to a uniform solution.

Mission & Vision

With digitization, everything becomes a service.

System Partners is at your side with a combination of strategic know-how and many years of broad technical experience in order to master the challenge of digitization together. We can show you ways to achieve short- and long-term goals for increasing efficiency, introducing or transforming standard procedures, and improving service quality and reliability.