All from a single source

Certain conditions must be met so that you can optimally work with your automation solution. The right infrastructure must be available, the right workflows implemented and your colleagues should be familiar with the tool. We can offer you all this from a single source. This ensures that all components and concepts mesh properly.

Infrastruktur & Engineering

We build for you and together with you a high-performance, reasonably (highly) available and reliable automation infrastructure that gets relevant information from the right sources (LDAP, SAML, IAM, etc.) and delivers operationally relevant information to other services such as incident management, Business Process Monitoring or SLA management.
In addition, standards and conventions must be defined and established so that the right groups with the appropriate rights can implement and operate meaningful workflows and digitization solutions that have a certain degree of uniformity.
Now your tool is ready.
And we support you further with upgrades and the implementation of newly released product possibilities.

Workflow Design

We do not only implement workflows, automation and/or digitization for you, we also coach you in these tasks. In any case we bring a lot of product knowledge to the projects, from which our customers always can benefit. Whether we work with SAP or Avaloq, Informatica or Hadoop, Asterisk or sftp, Oracle or mysql, our goal is to build environments that are as stable and easy to operate as possible and also easy to maintain. We aim to find a suitable and understandable answer to every challenge.


Our consultants and trainers pass on their knowledge to you. Whether it’s our standard Automic training courses or custom workshops, we’re committed to empowering you to evolve and operate your environments on your own.