You have the interest, we have the training materials

All training courses and workshops are put together by our experienced consultants, who – with their many years of experience from a large number of automation projects – supplement the material with clear examples and practical exercises.
They know what is important and ensure that you can immediately and successfully implement what you have learned in your day-to-day work.

We offer all of our training courses and workshops in D/E/F according to our events calendar in our training centers, online or at your site at your preferred time.

Where, how, when!


Our extensive range of Automic training courses covers all aspects of administration, operations and workflow development.
We are also happy to conduct training courses and workshops tailored to your specific needs.

Workshop WLA Market Overview

During this workshop we look at a meaningful selection of tools and deal with their strengths, peculiarities, unique selling propositions, their market reputation and other interesting aspects. This will get you a first impressions and some ideas if you are considering introducing or replacing an automation solution.

Workshop Automation: Vision and Focus

During this workshop basic automation topics are explained and compared. First, you will learn the basic domains and possibilities of automation. In a second step, the differences and points of contact between the individual domains will be worked out:
Workload Automation [WLA]
Robotic Process Automation [RPA]
Business Process Management [BPM]
Integration of MicroServices
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery [CI/CD]