comprehensive and appropriate to your environment

Automation with the right products has been our core business for many years. Our manufacturer-independent approach allows us to achieve the best possible results with the products that are most suitable for your environment. Depending on your specific requirements, different tools are used since not all key factors can always be covered with just one solution. On the other hand, the number of tools must be reduced to an absolute minimum. Either way, we focus on providing you a sound overall solution.

Strategic tool selection

Our vendor-agnostic approach allows you to achieve the best results with the products most suited to your organization. We can jointly use the existing broad technical and product knowledge to define the most suitable strategies and tools for the accomplishment of the tasks of your organization. This is done in WLA overview workshops and by assisting you with RFIs and RFPs.


The migration of a workflow automation environment involves an effort that is difficult to estimate and considerable risks. System Partners’ experience from many complex migration projects helps you in such a situation. Based on the definitions found and with the help of our migration tool WF2 we can accurately estimate what costs and risks are to be expected.

Service Management

Do you know the services to be digitized in your organization? If not – and you would not be the first organization to realize this – our best practices allow us to identify these services and define their associated components.
Based on this outcome, a consistent service orientation and integration will be implemented in a second step.

Workload Automation

Almost everything can be automated. Depending on the specific task, the approach is different and different skills of our consultants are required. The following summary provides an overview of how System Partners has structured its automation service portfolio.

Workflow Deployment

From our long lasting experience in customer projects, we know that a clear and unambiguous understanding of the company-wide date processing flows is a decisive success factor for the efficient management of automated workload. In order to meet this requirement, System Partners implemented with the product WF2 an innovative and comprehensive solution for the scheduler-internal as well as the scheduler-external distribution of workflow objects.

ERP: Avaloq, Peoplesoft, SAP, Temenos, …

There is hardly an ERP for which we have not implemented a utility or entire agents in the past – such as for Avaloq and Peoplesoft – in order to be able to cleanly integrate these critical company-wide functionalities into the comprehensive workload automation solution. Contact us if you have unmet needs, we probably have the right solution.